Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Man Arrested for Two Murders in One Hour Killed in Police Custody

Henry James Clavier, shown here being
transferred to jail by Miami police, was shot by a local
citizen moments after photo was taken.

Man Arrested for Two Murders in One Hour Killed in Police Custody

The Beech Times, Miami, Fl, Aug. 17, 2010
A 24 year old former Navy officer who has ties to Iran, charged with the murder of a Senator and a police officer in Miami, has been gunned down himself by another former officer. Police say that Jason Roland, the killer of the accused assassin, Henry James Clavier, had learned that Clavier had spent several years in Iran and believed he was connected with an assassination ring run by Iran.
Roland was immediately disarmed by police after Clavier was shot during what was supposed to be a routine transfer of the prisoner from the city jail to county facilities.
Clavier, who was arrested Friday after a struggle with police shortly after he shot Miami police officer LeRoy Clampitt, had denied shooting anybody. However, Miami District Attorney William Dade said that “beyond any reasonable doubt, this man was guilty as charged. The evidence against him is strong, and is mounting.”

But some concerns are emerging about the evidence. A rifle that the accused assassin, Henry Clavier, was said to have used to shoot Senator Kenneth Fitz, found discarded near the scene of the crime, was described yesterday by the two deputy sheriffs who found it as an M-14. The M-14 had no known ties to Clavier. But today, we have been told that the deputies were in error. The rifle was not an M-14. It was a Mauser from the Korean War era. “This Mauser has verified ties to the accused,” Dade told reporters. “Clavier purchased it in Chicago, early last April.” Dade said the revolver that killed officer Clampitt was also on purchase records from the same company.
Also puzzling is the discovery that a map, said to have been created by Clavier, and used to plot the location of the Senator, has turned out to have been created for a different purpose. “It was a map showing the location of Clavier’s workplace,” Clavier’s mother told newsmen.

“Though there may be some errors in reportage,” Miami DA Wade explained, “the evidence continues to pour in, and it is all pointing exclusively to Clavier. He was identified in several lineups as the man who shot Senator Fitz and Officer Clampitt.”
Clavier himself will not be tried for the murders, since he died this afternoon after being shot by Roland, who confessed, “I lost my cool and just decided to shoot him on an impulse.” Roland, who sprang from a crowd that had gathered to observe Clavier’s transfer from the city jail to the county jail, at which time he fatally shot Clavier, was immediately arrested. He has been charged with first degree murder, but some people consider Roland “a hero.”

Clavier died an hour and a half after being wounded. He failed to make a deathbed confession, according to police who rode with Clavier in the ambulance. “He just shook his head and refused to say a word,” one officer stated. Another officer said Clavier never regained consciousness after being shot.

Henry James Clavier’s ties to Iran’s top leaders were verified by the CIA.

“This is a man who hated the United States,” The Times was told by a member of the FBI who is also involved in investigating Clavier. “At one point, he renounced his American citizenship. I’m rather relieved to find out that he’s dead and can’t hurt any more people.”

But one attorney, retained this afternoon by the accused assassin’s mother, argued that Clavier was “supportive” of Senator Fitz and had no motive to kill him. “I think we have a rush to judgment here,” he told reporters. “Clavier was not given access to a lawyer. You reporters heard him ask for a lawyer. Also, he was interrogated for hours, even though he needed medical attention because he’d been beaten up. And even though his name was in all the newspapers, when he was in the lineups, he was identified by name to the witnesses.”

“Nonsense,” Wade responded. “He refused the services of a lawyer.”

Clavier’s wife, Hannah Imri, age 21, is an immigrant from Iran. It is not known what officials intend to do with the couple's two daughters – 2 year old Sashina, who was born in Tehran, and six-week-old Parisa, who was born in Miami. Mrs. Clavier knows little English and is not an American citizen.

“He did not own a rifle,” Mrs. Clavier initially insisted, but after extensive questioning, finally admitted today that Clavier did own a rifle. The CIA has taken Mrs. Clavier and her children into protective custody, and she will not be available for interviews “for at least six weeks,” according to an insider familiar with the situation.

Clavier was known to be associated with anti-American hate groups in Chicago. “During questioning,” said one police officer, who refused to be identified, “at times he grinned, as if he was proud of what he had accomplished.”
Clavier will be in interred when a gravesite can be obtained: at present, no cemetery in the region has accepted requests for burial.

That’s because it never happened.
All I’ve done is “reported” in the same general style that was used when America’s people first learned about Lee Harvey Oswald, who was accused of killing President John F. Kennedy and a Dallas police officer, J.D. Tippitt some 75 minutes after Kennedy’s death. Oswald was immediately proclaimed the ‘sole’ assassin; the information about the rifle, the map, a lawyer being withheld from Oswald, and the situation at the lineups are all parallel to Oswald’s case.

Whatever feelings you might have felt, reading about the “former Navy officer” (Oswald was a former Marine) and his ties to Iran (Oswald had spent nearly 3 years in the USSR at the height of the Cold War), what you felt might have resembled what many Americans probably felt on November 22, 1963-Nov. 24,1963 about Oswald, a man all informed and honest investigators now know, due to an overwhelming amount of evidence and witness statements was innocent of all charges.

The government continues to withhold evidence, brands those who question their assertions "conspiracy theorists" and hides the truth --that a Coup d'etat occurred. Anyone who has not yet seen "JFK II" at Wim Dankbaar's JFKMurdersolved.com needs a good look at this introductory information.
I hope this story helps give you perspective, and that some element of compassion for Oswald, and a desire for justice for him and his family, will be born within you.

Judyth Vary Baker

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