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Defending Douglas Horne and Oswald: "Where Did the "Magic Bullet" End Up, If It Didn't Hit Connally?" HERE'S THE ANSWER!


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This was the argument used by attorney V. Bugliosi to convince a televised mock jury that "the Magic Bullet" made all the wounds in both President John F. Kennedy and Texas Gov. John Connally on November 22, 1963, though it retained a near-pristine condition and, furthermore, not enough material is missing from the specimen to account for the bullet fragments found in Connally's wrist. Look it up.

The date of the mock trial was 1986. That's a long time ago, folks.

Wikipedia cites it. Why? To help sway you to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of murdering Kennedy and seriously wounding Connally, did his dirty deed with just three bullets? The first shot attributed to Oswald missed so badly that it struck between the President's limo and the Secret Service's car following --though this was the closest of three shots that Oswald supposedly fired at JFK.

But not all the dancing around with numbers that has been done to date can give honest researchers a fourth bullet coming from any single rifle aimed at Kennedy within the time limits imposed.

One bullet having missed, only two bullets were left. They had to account for the many wounds in two men who had been almost simultaneously struck.

The original first draft of the Warren Commission Report stated that a bullet had entered Kennedy's "back at a point slightly above the shoulder and to the right of the spine." Ford realized that this provided a serious problem for the single bullet theory. As Dr. Michael L. Kurtz pointed out (JFK Assassination Debates): "If a bullet fired from the sixth-floor window of the Depository building nearly sixty feet higher than the limousine entered the president's back, with the president sitting in an upright position, it could hardly have exited from his throat at a point just above the Adam's apple, then abruptly change course and drive downward into Governor Connally's back."

Ford obligingly made sure the location was described in the region of the "neck."

The many government investigations mentioned in Wikipedia and elsewhere that determined Oswald was guilty were based on incomplete, missing and even falsified evidence. Even before Douglas Horne made new photos and information available, in his Inside the ARRB,, Gary Aguilar, M.D. and Kathy Cunningham told us in May, 2003 (HOW FIVE INVESTIGATIONS INTO JFK’S MEDICAL/AUTOPSY EVIDENCE GOT IT WRONG : that an incredible amount of evidence and information was destroyed or misrepresented concerning the important autopsy information we needed in order to prove how many bullets struck Kennedy was shot in the head, and where the bullets came from. read here what you'll not find in Wikipedia or on "Oswald-did-it" websites:

"Besides the President’s brain and tissue slides, the camera that took JFK’s “best evidence” autopsy photographs has vanished, as have the HSCA tests that revealed that the camera failed a test to match them with the official photographs. The skull fragments that ostensibly proved the bullet’s direction by their supposed beveling characteristics have disappeared. Original autopsy notes were vaporized by JFK’s chief pathologist, who followed that up by signing false affidavits about them, and then by giving the Warren Commission misleading testimony. Also, multiple lines of evidence suggest that crucial – what might fairly be described as “diagnostic” – autopsy photographs are also missing, if not falsified."

In 1997 the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) upon which Douglas Horne sat as a member obtained the release of a document showing Gerald Ford, an appointee to the Warren Commission who later became America's first President by appointment (through Nixon) had altered the first draft of an official description of the location of the entry of the Magic Bullet which had read: "A bullet had entered the base of the back of his neck slightly to the right of the spine." That description, as we now know, was already describing the bullet's entry point rather too high, but Ford wasn't satisfied.

He raised the location of the wound still higher, to the lower back of the neck, to better support the single bullet theory. William C. Sullivan was J. Edgar Hoover's assistant in 1963. In his 1979 book (ignored by the films that put Oswald "on trial,") The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover's FBI Sullivan describes what Hoover thought of Ford's appointment to the Warren Commission:

"Hoover was delighted when Gerald Ford was named to the Warren Commission. The director wrote in one of his internal memos that the bureau could expect Ford to "look after FBI interests," and he did, keeping us fully advised of what was going on behind closed doors. He was our man, our informant, on the Warren Commission."

Wikipedia cites Bugliosi's quote in Reclaiming History for this misleading statement:

"Several films[The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald (1964); The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald (1977, unrelated to the first film); On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald (1986)] have fictionalized a trial of Oswald. In 1986, a 21-hour unscripted mock trial was "held" on television, argued by actual lawyers before an actual judge,[144] with unscripted testimony from surviving witnesses to the events surrounding the assassination; the mock jury returned a verdict of guilty."

None of the films made mention of Gerald Ford's actions, nor did the juries have access to that information or so much more that we have today. But anything that Wikipedia and other big websites pushing the official version can drag out from the past -- even biased TV programs purporting to be "juried trails"-- to convince new and naive readers that Oswald was guilty is put out there for them to swallow, along with their pablum.


Most distressing is how badly Douglas Horne, a respected board member of the ARRB who has been instrumental in providing us with new, fresh evidence proving that Oswald was innocent, has been treated on the Internet. I am maligned, MYSELF, on a constant basis by the same yahoos, as well as by some good researchers whose books, theories or first impressions of me they feel they must yet cling to, but to attack Horne, after all he has done to set the record straight, is unconscionable.

It seems that "frontier law" exists on the Internet, where anything can be said, however cruel, indecent or false, without consequence.

I have heard that Douglas Horne, having provided us with five fine volumes of precious information straight from the records of the ARRB, is now withdrawing from such research and efforts. I sure know how he feels. I live in poverty and -- worse-- have been forced to live overseas for my safety. These are hard times, and the few donations that rarely come my way do not cover the expenses of having to live in countries where I, as an American, am forbidden to work. My family has sacrificed a great deal to help me live in saftey, but I can't see them. My grandchildren are growing up with no idea of who I really am. They have read what my Internet enemies have said about me -- we are supposed to forgive our enemies: I pray every day for a renewed ability to do so.

I know how Doug Horne feels, more than most.

One feels angry, frustrated, outraged at the lies, the misrepresentations, the grabbing-on of any details that can be found in our entire lives, inspected under a microscope, where we have been found at some time to have erred, with all our human frailties exposed as an indictment against us as decent, good, normal human beings.
But because the victors rewrite history, we should not give up. We should not despair.

Not I, that's for sure. Not while I still have breath. While I still have breath, then, listen to me.

Horne's Inside the ARRB, Vol. I, provides invaluable new information about the case that you'll never find in a slanted Wikipedia article, or on one of the "Oswald-was-guilty" fancy websites that pop up on the first page of a Google search. And remember --this November, the filthy-rich will trot out yet another TV "special" behind which to hide their crimes -- having inherited their power by being the buddies of those who killed Kennedy--or who cooperated in letting it happen. This November, new viewers will be told Oswald DID IT. This November, Oswald will again be accused of slaying the very man he gave his life trying to protect.

When I first spoke of Oswald's sacrifice in 1999, I was met with cries of amazement and disbelief, but evidence since then has kept emerging, until today, many people are beginning to realize why it was so important to kill Lee H. Oswald only 47 hours after his arrest, even if it had to be done right in front of the American people --just as Kennedy, too, was executed before the eyes of his own.

The "jury trial" cited by Bugliosi and Wikipedia was in 1986. A long time ago, people ---I repeat --a long time ago -- and much new has been learned since then that Wikipedia and the encyclopedias the government hopes you will blindly trust still fail to mention.

To their shame.

The official version pundits hope their obsolete and slanted "evidence" and "TV jury verdicts" will persuade you to believe Oswald was guilty. They want you to believe everything you're told. Freedom of speech itself in in jeopardy over the point.

In Jan. 2010, Cass Sunstein, an Obama regulatory czar, was revealed to have recommended in an academic paper that "conspiracy theorists" should be fined or otherwise hobbled for speaking out. (See WND's "Top Obama Czar: Infiltrate all 'conspiracy theorists': Presidential adviser wrote about crackdown on expressing opinions" viz: Sunstein wrote:

"What can government do about conspiracy theories?...We can readily imagine a series of possible responses. (1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories."

He then suggested infiltrating groups, injecting falsehoods, and all the things that in fact already occur to bedevil those of us who have stepped forward as witnesses and honest researchers in the JFK,MLK, RFK and Nine Eleven investigations.

Free Speech is in jeopardy.

Sunstein's paper prompted me to create a little sketch about Freedom of Speech:

Tellingly, witnesses such as myself who disagree with the Official Version are thrust into the "Conspiracy Theory" category, even though we have evidence the official version factions ignore. It is a dead zone in Wikipedia, where the label "conspiracy buff" or "conspiracy theorist" is applied (as I've heard from others, and repeat here, would Wikipedia and "official version" spin city experts call someone investigating the Holocaust a "Holocaust Buff" or a "Holocaust Theorist"?).


It is important to note that the 1986 film mentioned above showed Bugliosi scoring
a point with the mock jury by asking, where did the Magic Bullet that hit Kennedy bullet go, if it did not end up in Connally?

At the risk of more trouble to myself, I stubbornly present to you one of the important evidence exhibits that Douglas Horne brought to the attention of those who still care about who write our history books: a document that tells us about a "fourth" bullet (possibly the original (non) "Magic Bullet") that was described as "lodged" behind Kennedy's ear.

A bullet that HAD to disappear, or else a CONSPIRACY would be proven:

A. H. Belmont (FBI Special Assistant to Hoover) told Tolson what he advised Dallas FBI agents to do regarding the handling of the rifle, as well as advising SAC Shanklin the following:

"I told SAC Shanklin that Secret service had one of the bullets that struck President Kennedy and the other is lodged behind the President's ear and we are arranging to get both of these."

No bullet 'lodged behind the president's ear" has ever been introduced into the evidence. What happened to it?

Thanks to Doug Horne and the ARRB, we have a copy of this once-hidden document. I advise you to copy the document and send it to everybody this November when the TV specials try to ram the "Magic Bullet" theory down your throats, and your children's throats, again.

Note that the report went to Clyde Tolson, second-in-command in the FBI under John Edgar Hoover himself (and Hoover's best 'friend' as we are quite aware).

This report was made on Nov. 22 -- it was the unfiltered truth, before this record vanished -- until uncovered by the ARRB and published by Douglas Horne.

We have been told for decades that the bullet striking Kennedy exited through the throat and then entered Connally. Otherwise, a conspiracy had to be admitted. Why? A FOURTH BULLET WRECKS THE CASE.

We have Douglas Horne to thank for providing evidence for where the so-called Magic Bullet probably ended its path.

Buried behind Kennedy's ear.

A billet Wikipedia and "Oswald-did-it" websites will never tell your sons and daughters existed.

Consider visiting my website. Tell people that yes, my new book really IS going to be published later this summer, after a long delay. The book has been expanded.
Your pre-purchase at my website can help me keep fighting the good fight.

God bless my country. Now -- ask God to give you the guts to spread the truth.


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