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This is what 4905 Magazine St. looked like in 1963. It is the small apartment with overhead sunscreens and the fenced-ij front yard, set back from the road. At the front it is gated, and you can see the white mailbox there for 4905. The big part of the house to which it is attached held 4907 (to the right--note the big white mailbox) and 4909 to the left. Behind it was 4911.
   All four addresses had their own mailboxes (even though Lee used 4907 for mail, he did so to protect his Russian-born wife and child... my critics try to say that Lee had no mailbox of his own. This was not true, though he did not place that address on his correspondence. 4907 was EMPTY until mid-July, when Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rogers moved in. Mrs. Rogers was ill and could do very little. Lee paid Mr. Rogers' utility bill, which went up about 30% after Mr. and Mrs. Rogers moved in. Prior to that, lee used 4907 as a kind of office, as it was vacant (*I have that reference from the Polk Directory).
When Lee left in September, the Rogers' utility bill went in the red by mid-month, and Lee was later accused by the Warren Commission of being a deadbeat for not paying it, even though we know from the Rogers' testimony that they continued to live in the apartment and were still there in 1964 when they were interviewed by the Commission. They obviously had to start paying that utility bill themselves. My critics try to say that Lee never paid the utility bill for thje Rogers and that I have blackened the Rogers' name. Rogers did not get a job until the end of September, when he began working for Meal-a-Minute.
Lee did not use the address of 4907 publicly until he began handing out FPCC Hands Off Cuba flyers at the Trade Mart, as I recall. He was not about to put 4905 on them, where his wife and child lived in that set-back apartment that was all safely fenced in. But from the beginning -- even when vacant-- all mail to the Oswalds came to 4907. This was at the height of the Cold War, and mail from the USSR, The Daily Worker, etc. was coming to that vacant apartment and was not connected in the postman's mind to 4907. Then the Rogers moved in. However, Lee still kept his mail coming to 4907, but obviously, the Rogers needed to have some incentive to keep receiving such mail. Their utility bill got paid and they allowed the mail to come to their address.
This simple arrangement is not believed by my critics. According to them, for some reason unknown to normal people, they insist that all mail to 4905 AND 4907 went ONLY to 4907, the vacant apartment, . When the Warren Commission asked Mr. Rogers about this mail problem. Rogers had this to say: Mr. Liebeler.
You lived right next door to Oswald?
Mr. Rogers.
My apartment was in the front and my window was fight next--near his apartment.
Mr. Liebeler.
You met Oswald and came to know him? Did you ever meet him?
Mr. Rogers.
No; I never met him. He didn't bid the time to anyone.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you talk to him or anything?
Mr. Rogers.
No; never did.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you know what his name was?
Mr. Rogers.
Just by mail coming in the box on the front.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you ever talk to his wife?
Mr. Rogers.
She spoke Russian. She did bid the time of day, that's all, but he didn't. He wouldn't bid the time to no one.
Mr. Liebeler.

Mr. Liebeler.
Now do you remember anybody else that visited Oswald at his apartment?
Mr. Rogers.
Probably at the time they had this--you know--Fair Play for Cuba, something like that. I think they were radio interviewers, I think. Looked like local people. Didn't look like--heard him saying something about wanting to play on radio. That's all."
NOTE THAT ERIC ROGERS KNEW ABOUT "FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA." HOW? At one point Lee plastered some signs all over his porch and Mrs. Garner told him to take them down. But he uses 'radio interviewers' -- plural-- when only one person ever admitted coming to Lee's apartment. He had to ask at Eric Rogers' home, because the only address he had was for 4907.
Later in the same testimony, Eric Rogers says that a mailman 'brought a big package in" for Lee Oswald-- He says it this way:

Mr. Liebeler. Did you ever see any rifle or firearms of any type in his possession at that time?
Mr. Rogers. No; I never. We did see one time some the mailman brought a big package in. I wouldn't say what it was, of course. I guess they checked that through the mail.
Mr. Liebeler. When was that?
Mr. Rogers. It was in the summer, some time before he left, somewhere around that time.
The words "Brought a big package in" sounds like a delivery to the door of the Oswald's, having to go through the fenced-in yard straight to their apartment. Rogers guesses that "they checked that through the mail."
Mr. Rogers accidentally shows that he knows a lot about Lee getting ready to move, for he says this:
Mr. Rogers. He left that following evening. I figured he was moving. I don't know. If he was moving, he was supposed to tell the landlord.
Mr. Liebeler. Did he talk to the landlord about it?
Mr. Rogers.
No; but she knew about it. He didn't talk to her. He didn't talk to nobody. He would give you the money and wouldn't say nothing. He was quiet himself, that's all.
Marina and Ruth Paine used the 4907 address to writ to each other. All Russian materials came to 4907. The flyers said 4907. Yet it is certain that lee lived at 4905. I contend that he could have had his mail directed to 4905 but did not do so to protect his family. This is also why he placed "4907 Magazine Street" on the Hands Off Cuba flyers..
My critics try to say that all mail came to 4907 anyway and that the utility bill paid for 4907 was really for 4905.
I was there and I hope that common sense will guide you as to the real reason that the utility bill went into the red by the end of September when Lee left. The bill was NOT for BOTH 4907 AND 4905 as these people try to tell you. Lee paid the bill because he was using the vacant apartment as an office. By having the Rogers move in, Lee was able to place '4907' on the flyers without having to use 4905 instead. Lee paid the utility bill at 4907 in May, June, July, August and part of September, even though Eric Rogers said this:
Mr. Liebeler.
When did you move there?
Mr. Rogers.
It was around in the in July, around July.
These people have to prove that the Rogers paid their utility bill for 4907 for at least 2 weeks in July, for all of August, and of course for all of September all the way to July 21, 1964 when Eric Rogers stated that he was still living at 4907. Instead, they insist that Lee Oswald paid on 4905 by paying for the 4907 utility bill. It seems that "anything goes" no matter how absurd, if only it can be used to discredit me. SEE THE ATTACHED STATEMENT THAT LEE OSWALD WAS RESPONSIB LE FOR THE UTILITY BILL AT 4907, EVEN THOUGH THE ROGERS WERE LIVING THERE, AND THAT HE LEFT THE BILL AT 4907 UNPAID IN SEPTEMBER, AND THEREFORE WAS A DEADBEAT, below...
For objecting to this false statement, I am attacked on Facebook and online with posts defending poor old Mr. Rogers as a truth-teller. Sure he was. Just as Kerry Thornley was. Just as Marina Oswald was. Just as Ruth Paine was..
I won't be here forever to defend the truth. Share this. Pass it on! It matters! This is an example pof how facts that prove who lee Oswald really was are being twisted right before our eyes, today, by armchair 'researchers' who basically object to everything I say, but who themselves do nothing to to exonerate that innocent man. They are obstructing justice for our fallen president, and with my last breath, i come against that.
To those of you who read this: SAVE IT, SHARE IT, AND SHOW TO INTELLIGENT PEOPLE.
thank you for whatever you do to spread the truth.

Reuel Smith
Reuel Smith also, what about the statement "he would give you the money.."?

Judyth Baker
Judyth Baker yes... Lee said he gave the Rogers money for watching out for Marina and his little girl, in that people came to THEM inquiring for Lee, due to THEIR address being printed on the HANDS OFF CUBA flyers. See this:

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