Friday, January 18, 2013

Eben Rey Interviews Judyth Vary Baker About the Kennedy Assassination, Her Book ME & LEE and Weaponizing Cancer

Eben Rey Interviews Judyth Vary Baker About the Kennedy Assassination, Me & Lee,  and Weaponizing Cancer

Eben Rey is one of the most fascinating women I've ever met. She's strong, compassionate, and literate, with an open mind, unafraid to tackle controversial subjects.

Eben had already read Me & Lee and comprehended the enormity of what had happened in the cover-up of the Kennedy assassination, as well as the tragic consequences for those of us who wanted to cure cancer in the 60's and 70's. The cancer treatment industry-- focused on cutting, irradiating and chemically poisoning cancer cells-- would not be very interested in curing cancer when treating cancer was such a lucrative endeavor.  Why cure cancer, and, for that matter, why prevent it?

The interview below was originally supposed to last an hour (including breaks) but we ended up recording much more. The interview is broken into three segments for listening ease. Feel free to share this interview with everyone who is interested in the truth about the Kennedy assassination, the true role of Lee Harvey Oswald, and how cancer was weaponized.

I entered the USA for the first time in over five and a half years to give interviews and seminars on the contents of Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald.  We had very little publicity, but wherever people heard about our sudden arrivals, we received tremendous welcomes. I will never forget the kindness of the people, and what it meant to them to learn firsthand information from a living witness. We encountered no hecklers whatsoever: all of that happened afterwards on the Internet.  I wondered if the reason we encountered no problems was because I had a professional bodyguard with me.  If I were a troublemaker, I certainly wouldn't want to have to deal with HIM!

In Chicago, I didn't have to worry, either, with former UDT-12/Navy Seal trained Jesse Ventura at my side, a man who towered over me and who brooks no foolishness. Jesse demonstrates immense self discipline, not responding to inappropriate questions and keeping his head; he doesn't drink, and only chews on his cigars.  My Dallas hero, Robert Groden, also flew in from Dallas, and Dr. Jim Fetzer also came to Chicago to join in the discussions.  Without Phil Singer, and, of course, my publisher Kris Millegan, a stay in Chicago would not have been safe or possible. In Knoxville, I was also safely surrounded by researchers and friends, notably former ORIN employee and researcher Jim Phelps. There at the Haslam Theater, I was accompanied by my son, who flew up from Florida, as we viewed Lisa Soland's fine play about Me & Lee -- "The Sniper's Nest."  

Caitlin Campbell is Judy Vary Baker, and Walker Harrison is Lee Harvey Oswald in Lisa Soland's Play, "The Sniper's Nest"

I commented that Lisa got "her" "just right." i'm almost 70 years old now.  That girl seems so far away now... that girl in New Orleans, whose career in cancer research was destroyed because she objected to using one or more "volunteers" from Angola Prison for a cancer experiment at Jackson, LA's mental hospital that, if successful, would kill the volunteers.  I had to lay it all aside, breaking my heart.

I'd never actually ever recover from the order to become "a vanilla girl" -- or die.  At least writing the book, and now seeing the play "The Sniper's Nest" is bringing the suppressed information to the fore.  Too late for Lee Oswald, but not too late for his wife, Marina, his children June and Rachel, and their children.  And it's not too late for America, to wake up and realize what was taken from them, when their government arranged for the murder of John F. Kennedy and the immediate framing of Oswald and cover up that followed. Many were duped, for far too long, even though from the very beginning, the framing of Lee Harvey Oswald and his murder only 47 hours after his arrest, in the presence of 70 Dallas police, brought serious questions to bear, especially by attorney Mark Lane.

The truth will set us free, if it's not too late.


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