Monday, November 28, 2011

Peter Dale scott, the Doomsday Project,and the Kennedy Assassination

Peter Dale Scott talks to COPA

In the COPA video below, November 2011, Peter Dale Scott,philosopher,poet and Deep Politics maestro, offers the information behind the Doomsday Project--and why we should pay attention. "Fabricated provocations" and other deceptions have been offered to the people to justify many deeds of evil,.

Hear why Kennedy was murdered, how Lee Harvey Oswald was framed, and how this matter links the perpetrators to later events that have affected America ever since. Scott compares the events of 9-11 with those in the Kennedy assassination, remarking upon their amazing similarities. " some prior point had been designated for an...operation...(probably) against Cuba...but, as exploited legends began to accumulate...Oswald...was no longer a designated subject,but [now became] a designated culprit." In the book Me & Lee, you can read just how this was accomplished.

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