Friday, February 25, 2011


It’s time to get the real story out!

(adapted from material written by Edward T.Haslam, author of Dr. Mary's Monkey)

Americans who believe in our Justice system know that Lee Harvey Oswald is legally innocent. The law says “innocent until proven guilty.” Not only was he never found guilty of killing either Officer Tippit or President Kennedy, he was never given a trial nor even allowed his legal right to an attorney. He should have been protected by federal marshals to prevent his murder while in the custody of the Dallas Police, but he was not. We can't change what happened, but we can change what people know about it. We should never let America forget that our justice system failed us (and Lee) at the critical moment. If Lee had lived to talk, the lies would have been exposed many years ago. Lee died so their lies could live.

If you are an American that believes in the Constitution, remember that Separation of Powers was established by our Founders to prevent the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches from conspiring against the People. But that is exactly what happened when LBJ appointed his blue-ribbon commission to formally approve the corrupt investigation of J. Edgar Hoover which had already been written and presented to LBJ. There was no real investigation. "The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy" contained two Senators, two Congressmen, one Supreme Court Judge, and two un-elected members (one banker who was formerly Deputy Secretary of Defense and one former CIA official fired by President Kennedy) Executive Branch. And the evidence was controlled by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The so-called “Warren Commission” violated the Separation of Powers and was unconstitutional.

When Lee's mother tried to have a lawyer represent his interest in the case, her request was denied. Why?

Was it really “The Warren Commission?” About the only thing Earl Warren did for the Warren Commission was to show up for this photo op. Allowing LBJ to use his name concealed the fact that it was really J. Edgar Hoover’s investigation and the conclusions had already been reached.

Today it is well-known that J. Edgar Hoover was being blackmailed for his homosexual activities by the Mafia, the very people that the government should have been investigating in the JFK assassination. Want more information on the corruption of J. Edgar Hoover?

Also see Anthony Summers book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover

J Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Baines Johnson discussed how to STOP investigations into Kennedy's assassination:

Hear Hoover and LBJ plot to stop investigations not controlled by them:

The people in power in the 1960s may have gotten away with their murders and cover-ups at the time, but we are smarter now, better informed, and wiser. With your help we can continue to educate the public about what really happened.

It’s time to FREE LEE from the lies of 1963.


Bringing this story to light takes "blood, sweat, toil and tears."

Even the smallest donation makes a BIG difference.

I'm not alone--people are joining the fight. 2013 is ahead,

and we want the truth to be revealed about Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination. Your copying these files and posting them helps to spread the word! Internet service, domain names, website hosting, phone calls, press releases, paper, ink, travel to interviews, and promotion are expensive, and only donations keep everything going!. The opposition is well financed. But we still fight on. With your help, we can win.

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  1. Judyth, I was around 10 when JFK was murdered. Even then, during those traumatic days, as a psychic young girl, I believed Oswald's desperate words denying he killed Kennedy. As I write there is a program on History Channel titled 'JFK: 3 Shots Changed America. At least there is some 'raw' uninterpreted information in these shows.

    I first read about you in Haslam's book. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for telling the truth.