Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Robert Groden: Homeland Security called him "Terrorist" -- and his July Arrest by Police Is Coming to Court!

Robert Groden is a bright jewel of truth that has been shining for years at Dealey Plaza, though his light is often dimmed by the police.

Listen to this excerpt where Alex Jones interviews JFK assassination expert Robert Groden, who gave the American people the Zapruder film, and also happens to be one of my personal heroes:

Alex Jones: "People can't handle it anymore, Robert...America is dying....it's almost like it's a cartoon of a poPublish Postlice state, it's so over the top."

"One of the times I was harassed in Dealey Plaza..." Groden tells us, "I was harassed not only by the Dallas police, but [also] by Homeland Security...half a dozen years ago..." "The Sixth Floor Museum kept calling the police (to seek the arrest of Groden)..." The Homeland Security officers told Groden he was "a terrorist" and forced him to leave. The people "were panic-stricken..."

However, the Sixth Floor Museum can "lie to little kids" with impunity, as Alex Jones has commented, and no "conspiracy theory" books are allowed in that expensive monument to government lies. You will not find a fitting monument to our slain President in Dallas. Nor will you find the truth in that Museum of Lies. You will not find a box in the sniper's nest labeled "a fingerprint of LBJ hitman Mac Wallace was found here" or that "three spent cartridges, supposedly from Oswald's rifle were described as lying here, all in a row. Who would take time to line them up before leaving the sniper's nest?"

As you'll hear in the interview below, Groden is going to court to face charges that he was selling material in Dealey Plaza without a permit. Let's forget the small fact that the City of Dallas does not have permits to buy for such activities! Or that he was the only person arrested -- while loonies with "garbage" for sale and the homeless, peddling unsavory wares there, were ignored.

Groden says 95% or more of those he speaks to in Dealey Plaza don't believe the Official Version. Those days are over. Despite the reports of (paid-for!) polls, implying that the percentage of those interviewed state Oswald didn't kill JFK is lower, only a few folks with double-digit IQ's, old soldiers who believe whatever they are told by the government, and close friends of Bugliosi (what close friends? Like Jesse Ventura? (not!) ) now state with confidence that "Oswald did it."

Here's an interview of Groden with Alex Jones, where we hear the truth about the Discovery Channel's faked 'reconstructions'of the Kennedy assassination:

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