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This is a long, personal message, because November is right around the corner. It is a message also of thanks, for all that you do to set the record straight about Lee Harvey Oswald
A rare interview of Jim Garrison (is brand new at YouTube, and shows you that former FBI agent Garrison wasn't a nut. Hope you note his statement about the build up of coincidences that are at least as important as eyewitness testimony.
Dr. John DeLane Williams wrote "Judyth and Lee in New Orleans" -- which was published in the Dealey Plaza Echo. There you can see the statistical analysis of those experiences, showing it's way beyond chance that we shared so many 'coincidences.' Better yet, read the details in my book, and see the many photos and documents, to be released before the end of the year by Trine Day (ME & LEE - HOW I CAME TO KNOW, LOVE AND LOSE LEE HARVEY OSWALD) which can be pre-purchased at http://www.judythvarybaker.com if you would like a personal thank-you letter written by me.
I don't like to 'advertise' but November is coming, and the media is refusing to respond to the piublisher regarding reviews, etc. on this book. It will appear in silence.
But Vince Bugliosi got publicity galore and a million dollars to write his Bible- sized set of legends posing as facts. He said a lot of bad things about me, several pages' worth, but never met me, never interviewed me, not one phone call -- and I wonder how many other pro-Oswald witnesses for whom he may have conducted similar 'non-interviews' did he report on negatively.
You may have heard that Jim Garrison was a nut, but I noticed a comment with this YouTube video: he was a former FBI agent. Of course, he was New Orleans' District Attorney by 1963. Though there were problems with ethics in some of his work in the investigation, such as avoiding bothering Godfather Carlos Marcello, who ran New Orleans with a batch of killers at his side, Garrison was bunches better at trying to get the record straight than the Dallas Police.
When I was deliberately struck by a vehicle in Dallas not long before being filmed by Wim Dankbaar and Jim Marrs, and Nigel Turner & Co, I had to pick up the police report after getting out of the hospital. My car had been totalled, so I now had a very inferior car. But its problems weren't due to its greater age. It tended toget slashed tires, funny stuff in the gas tank, and cut brakelines. The brake line on that car got cut twice, and I thus was in two minor accidents. but because of the cut brakeline that the garage found, I was cleared of all charges. But it meant another trip to pick up police reports. These were picked up in the same building where Lee Oswald was shot dead. The first-ever televised live murder. But desperate measures had to be taken.
I had avoided going near that place, or near Dealey Plaza,, though I'd lived in Dallas for over a year -- it just made me sick to think of Lee being shot there, and I was afraid I'd break down and cry. I had moved to The Lion's Mouth at the invitation of my family, and I had a wonderful job teaching until I was hurt.
It would not be the first time.
When I picked up the police report, the office window there was on the ground floor, right there in the basement. Where I knew lee had been shot.
The police officer I talked to volunteered: "Would you like to see where they gunned down that bastard?"
He used the word "they." I answered, "So you think he was guilty?" He was a younger man and couldn't have been present.
"Sure thing, Oswald, he was a communist, he did it, all right."
I thought to myself how Lee had posed as pro-Cuba, but even on the WDSU broadcast denied being a communist. Even when he posed as a defector in the USSR, he never joined the Communist Party in Minsk.
People don't know that Lee prepared two kinds of speeches (it's in some records) in case reporters met him when he returned to America. One was pro-USSR. the other was anti-USSR. Why both versions? Because he didn't know which one his CIA handlers would prefer him to use before the press. He actually didn't have any problem (and for him, it would have been a problem) with press showing up -- all was kept quiet, because anti-communist feelings ran so high, his handlers were afraid Lee might be harmed if he showed up on TV in a place like Dallas-Fort Worth. But they did have him hand out pro-Cuba pamphlets in Dallas (which most people don;t know--I did find two records supporting that which he had told me --that he was ordered to hand out pro-Cuban flyers, etc. only a couple of days after Gen. Walker was shot at. he knew the police were riled up and coukld beat him up. But he courageously handed out the pamphlets, etc. anyway. The undated note telling Marina what to do if he got arrested was used against him, later, to 'prove' he shot at Walker! That's how cruelly they betrayed Lee Oswald, our country's servant.
The Dallas officer had an older, fat policeman lead me out to the open place in the garage, where Lee was shot down. He offered it, I didn't ask for such a thing.
"We still have the same paint on the walls," he said. "That's the same elevator," he said, pointing, "that we used to get him down to this floor."
In a flashback, the horrible scene unfolded to my memory, as I had witnessed Lee wiped out suddenly by a man whose face I could not see, or surely I would have hated that kind of face forever. Little did I know at that time that I had met the man, and that he liked Lee, and had to have been forced to kill. I knew him only as Sparky Rubenstein, because I'd had a dog named :Sparky' and it had been a joke to introduce him that way to me. I had no idea the two men were one and the same.
Nor could I ever look again at anything on the TV about the assassination--nor could I bear to even see a single newspaper article. I wanted to kill myself at first. You can't imagine what it's like, and it was so sudden, so horrible, and I couldn't remember a thing after it happened, for hours. I was in a well of tears and agony. After about a week, though, I wanted to live, so I could someday tell the world what kind of man Lee really was. No, he wasn't perfect. But he was a very good man, smart, devoted to his country, a patriot, and he wanted a big, affectionate family, lots of children. He loved children. He loved America.
But now he was gone, just as he had warned me on the 20th. He had tried to save Kennedy. so he was sure he was going to die, and of course, he was slain. He had been lured into that ring of killers. He told on them, he passed information along. He was so betrayed.
So the fat policeman now led me to the gray curbing of this underground parking area not far beyond the box-like room to the right, that was behind me, and pointed down at a place near the curvbing, to a dark smudge on the cement. "That's his blood," he said. "That's where he was shot."
I pray none of you ever have to stand where your loved one was murdered before your eyes. I will never forget it, the pain in my heart, a physical stabbing.
In 2003, the History Channel showed the now-banned three documentaries, and I was living in Holland due to a death threat, far from home. Nigel Turner sat with me as we watched THE LOVE AFFAIR. He then flew to Dallas and showed it to Marina Oswald and also to my sister, and researcher debbee reynolds, whose home had been destroyed after she got evidence collectd for me, by having tons of animals feces thrown inside it!
I watched the documentary and couldnlt understand why there were no witnesses and almost no evidence in it, but that would have to be for later, due to 'problems.'
What problems? The History Channel showed--multiple times--: THE SMOKING GUNS (7), THE LOVE AFFAIR -BAKER (8) and THE GUILTY MEN (9). But then, all hell broke loose. Turner had wisely held back considerable material from all three documentaries. he intended to expand them.
But nobody has heard of Nigel Turner since 2003. It's as if he's dropped off the face of the earth.
What happened to the man that "brought shame to the History Channel" as how he is now blackened? the man whose calling card has emblazoned on it a Knight in Shining Armor? The man who dligently interviewed me and supporting witnesses, who spent 33 hours filming me as i spoke without notes or hesitations, and 38 additional hours recording my testimony a second time, weeks earlier, so he could compare both versions, along with my twelve books of evidence, to check my veracity? The man who deserves our accolades, and instead has vanished from film-making?
Oh, what an outcry occurred from LBJ's widow, Jack Valenti, Moyers, et al! LBJ involved? Madeleine Brown and Judyth Baker and all the others were just lying! Oh, sure we were. I was shaking in my boots. I'd already received so many threats. I would be forced into exile.
Do you know that I haven't seen a movie in two years? That I live in a place so remote there is no restraurant? That in Turkey, for example, I wear a long black burka and dress as a Muslim woman, and even have learned how to make Turkish Delight? That in Sweden, I have learned to live in an ice cube, and in Croatia, I get to eat lots of Hungarian goulash, of all things.
It is a lonely life. I miss teaching. I taught for fifteen years --English, science, math, poetry, drama, debate, and chemistry.
The History Channel went merrily on, Saying mea culpa, mea culpa, we were so stupid to put the truth on TV! Sorry, folks!
So the History Channel apologized and hastily gathered 3 historians to debunk the documentaries.
The Historians never contacted any of us. They just said it wasn't possible that there was a conspiracy.
Since then, The History Channel--or should I say--the Revised History Channel-- has shown only "Oswald did it" well-financed specials in November. They will do it again this year, drawing on traitors such as Gary Mack and others whose pockets are well-lined with green for their trouble. I continue to live in exile. I must move every 89 days because of the law, and I cannot work. I cannot see my family or grandchildren. My dad is getting old. I couldn;t go to my mother's funeral because I was also in the political asylum program. But hey, Americans can't stay too long in a political asylum system. It's politically incorrect. After 10.5 months, my children and friends helped put a roof over my head in different places.
Of course, they are not palaces, but one is a very nice house, and another is lavishly Turkish. Not that anybody would recognize me. I have lost fifty pounds and wear VERY loose clothes now! hand washing clothes and sometimes not being able to eat much helped a lot. Thank heaven for everyone who has helped me pay the electric and water and travel and food bills! God bless you all.
Though I love 'adventure' this has been a bit much and a bit long. It would be nice to hear English. It would be nice to be able to drink water out of the tap (you can, in Sweden, and when I and my doggie Suzi Q and I happen to be there,which is almost half the time, I drink a lot of that crystal clear water!). It would be nice to have new boots for three-foot-deep snow.
It is not the way I thought my 'golden years' would be spent.
I wonder how Jim Garrison felt, having been systematically demeaned, attacked, called crazy. He had no chance against Them.
But Oliver Stone then made a movie, based on Jim Marrs' Crossfire-the Plot That Killed Kennedy. And Garrison got to play Chief Justice Earl Warren in the movie. He would die soon afterwards of emphysema and complications. I am grateful to "The Giant" because he amassed important records that have helped me provide more evidence supporting Lee's exoneration.
Please fight for this: Lee Oswald was an innocent man.
despite the slick, well-financed 'specials' coming along again, send people to YouTube to see the truth. It is IMPORTANT to fight for this truth to reach everyone -- all Americans!-- because proving Lee's innocence then proves a cover-up occurred, and we KNOW who wanted this nasty matter covered up.Who had the power, the means, and the motive to eradicate our leader and turn our country into a cash cow for war-mongers, bankers and heartless employers who would sell their own grandma for the right price. Our country became prey to economic hitmen. And it's still being raped every day.
Please tell your friends to watch the three BANNED videos this November, and spread the word about the History Channel's perfidy and betrayal. Watch the video below,and ask friends to join this cause!
With my dying breath, with all it takes, I'll never stop defending that innocent man who asked me to pray for him, even though he was an agnostic and I at the time was an atheist, because he was certain he'd be shot dead and a rifle placed in his dead hands. "What will my children think of me?" he mourned.
I really can't write any more, because I'm in tears.
Thank you-- ALL OF YOU--for joining this Cause, and defending Lee Harvey Oswald. I may not live to see him exonerated and vindicated, but because of all of you, my children will, and then the two who don't speak to me because they are ashamed of my association with 'the killer' may go someday to Dallas and look a Dallas police officer in the face and say: "Oswald didn't do it. And you know it."
God bless you all. JVB

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